Within one year, 50% of state care leavers will be unemployed, in jail, homeless or had become a new parent.

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Let’s finish what we started & continue Out-of-Home care to 21 years.

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I often went hungry because I'd mismanaged my money and I wish there had been someone to advise me. I struggled through those first years and I did learn how to do 'the grown up things'. What we have to do is more than what most young people are expected to do and in my experience, people often don't cut you any slack for that. As a care leaver and survivor, I wish others the best and hope they stay strong, take all the help that's going and one day, achieve 'normal'. Learn More

Reflections from a care leaver

As good parents we should provide and support our children until they are mature enough and financially capable to take care of themselves in a safe comfortable environment. It is only right and just that the State as a good parent provide for vulnerable young people until they are in a position to be self-reliant. Learn More

In support of the Home Stretch

You go through so much in care that to be left on your own while you're still trying to get your head around that and the rest of your adult choices, it's so much to take on board that you are just going to crash and burn. Learn More

Dylan Langley, state care-leaver

Did you know

35% of young people sent out of care will be out in the streets within a year of leaving care

Did you know

Due to the lack of continued support once they turn 18, many young people exiting care end up in the justice system or homelessness support

Did you know

50% of those who leave care end up unemployed, in jail, homeless or had become a new parent, within 12 months

Did you know

63% of 400 homeless youth surveyed have recently been exited from care

Did you know

Last year in Australia 3000 child protection clients left the formal care system


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Every child deserves to be supported into adulthood – extending out of home care until the age of 21 will give thousands of young people the additional guidance they need to have a real shot at life.


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