Newsletter May 2017

Newsletter May 2017

Northern Territory launches campaign


Following the successful West Australian and South Australian launches, Anglicare Northern Territory launched the Home Stretch campaign in Darwin yesterday.
Professor Philip Mendes addressed the crowd and reminded us that:

1. Post care support in all jurisdictions is discretionary not mandatory.

2. The abrupt end of care and support for young people leaving care when they are 18 but often 17 years old is an issue.

3. The social and economic gains of extending support for young people are public, well known and unquestionable.

Listen to Anglicare NT CEO Dave Pugh’s interview on ABC Radio Darwin. 

The average Aussie leaves home at 26 so why are ‘evicting’ foster care children at 18?


Smart Justice for Young People and Victoria Legal Aid sent a letter to the Victorian Attorney-General calling for the extension of care to 21 and the significant benefits this would have in our communities.

Dear Attorney-General

Increasing the age would provide significant benefit not only for some of the most vulnerable young people in our community but also to the legal and justice sectors, and we urge you to support the increase.


Yours Sincerely,
Smart Justice for Young PeopleVictoria Legal Aid

In the news…


Country Women’s Association are continuing their advocacy for the Extension of Care to 21 years, with their most recent event in Wangaratta, Victoria.



Take Action

Raising awareness makes a big difference. Whether it’s contacting your local MP, starting a conversation, or writing a letter to the editor, we’ve developed some great resources to help you keep on spreading the word.



Sign The Pledge

Every child deserves to be supported into adulthood – extending out of home care until the age of 21 will give thousands of young people the additional guidance they need to have a real shot at life.


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